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Science that tackles challenges in society

The research conducted at the Donders Institute has enormous potential for benefiting society. Therefore, our science is geared towards current and anticipated societal issues and challenges. We aim to generate and transfer knowledge, share facilities, and work together. We reach out to public and private societal partners to interact and collaborate.

Societal Impact neuroscience research

To stimulate and support cooperation between our researchers, external researchers and partners in society, we formulate and take on Challenges. These are initiatives that can harness the strength of our research, and the knowledge or facilities of partners, in order to address specific society-related problems that should be resolved within 6 years.

You don’t have to be a genius to gain a strong memory

Societal Impact Donders memory palace science neuroscienceMemorising items by visually putting them in a familiar environment is a known technique that successfully helps people to memorise names, numbers, a shopping list, or even a big set of data during memory championships. Training the brain with this so-called ‘memory palace’ even improves longer term memory, Donders Institute researchers show.

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Research facilities

The Donders Institute has all facilities required for studying brain, cognition and behaviour and is taking the lead in developing and implementing new techniques. We offer companies including start-ups and SME's to use their equipment.

Read more about our research facilities here.

In the media

Lisa Genzel Universiteit van Nederland

How does your memory work? This question is answered by Lisa Genzel at De Universiteit van Nederland. Via media our researchers share knowledge and educate the public. This is a small selection of our media appearances.

Work with us?

DONDERS_ICONS_Neurotechnology_and_big_data_01Are you interested in collaborating with our scientists? We are always looking to connect with organizations, institutes or business partners to start new projects, initiate relevant research or to consult.

Our science is organised in four research themes. Click below to find out where your project fits in. Or look for a specific researcher or research group here.

Theme 1: Language & Communication
Theme 2: Perception, Action and Decision-making
Theme 3: Development and lifelong plasticity
Theme 4: Natural computing and Neurotechnology

Brain lessons for primary schools

The Donders Teaching kit aims to educate children about neuroscience. Donders Institute researchers, in collaboration with an international team of teachers and scientists, have created an easy-to-use, interactive teaching kit about neuroscience. This teaching kit can be used by primary school teachers in their classrooms.

Info and free download

Donders Wonders Science blog logo

Do you have a good sense of rhythm and music? Well, it is not the case for everyone: about 5% of the population has a form of deafness specific to music called amusia. Read all about it in the Donders Wonders blog Can you do that boom-boom-clap?

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Spin-offs and start-ups

Turn your webcam into a mind reader with the technique of Mindtrace. Improve teaching with serious games by Marbelous Minds. Or translate scientific models into practical use with the help of Big4Data.

Scientific entrepreneurship led to some valuable young companies. Learn about more recent examples.