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Donders Teaching Kit

THELOGO_teachingkitThe Donders Teaching kit is a non-profit project set up by Donders researchers that aims to educate children about neuroscience, and inform primary school teachers about how children can use this knowledge to improve their ability to learn.

The Donders Teaching Kit is the embodiment of the passion that we have for science and learning. Neuroscientists at the Donders Institute, in collaboration with an international team of teachers and scientists, have created an easy-to-use, interactive teaching kit about neuroscience. This teaching kit can be used by primary school teachers in their classrooms.

English subtitles are available in the video

Current target audience

Ages 5 to 12, roughly corresponding to primary school children in the Dutch education system (basisschoolleerlingen)

Who does the teaching?

The kit is ‘ready-to-use’ for primary school teachers, independent of their knowledge of neuroscience.

Teachers are provided with a set of teaching guidelines for each session, as well as a selection of teaching materials.

What’s in the Donders Teaching Kit?

  • Games for learning about how the brain works e.g., a jigsaw puzzle of the brain
  • Stories and comics about the biology of the brain e.g., introduction to neurons
  • Interactive teaching sessions where children are encourage to move around the room, participate, and learn about the brain and cognition

The above materials are divided across 11 teaching sessions, each with multiple activities, described in a teaching guideline.

What are some examples of the topics addressed in the sessions?

  • Neurons
  • Emotions
  • Memory
  • Stress
  • Attention

These sessions have been carefully planned out, and each session builds on the previous one. With each session, we hope to improve children’s perception, understanding, and regulation of the internal states that affect  one’s ability to learn.

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