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The department of Psychiatry of the Radboudumc and the Donders Institute kicked-off the inclusion of their psychiatry cohort study on the 1st of June, 2016. The name of the study is MIND-Set: Measuring Integrated Novel Dimensions in neurodevelopmental and stress-related mental disorders.

The MIND-Set study was initiated by Professor Aart Schene and involves many of the Donders Institute’s (clinical) researchers. Adult psychiatric patients with stress-related disorders (mood [depressive and bipolar] disorders, anxiety disorders, addiction disorders) and/or neurodevelopmental disorders (autism spectrum disorders [ASD] and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorders [ADHD]) will be included at the department of Psychiatry.

Large cohort study

The Donders Institute has a great tradition of creating large cohort studies using measures at different neurocognitive, behavioral, and biological levels. These projects are often implemented to study psychopathological processes in healthy individuals from a dimensional perspective.

What was missing was a large cohort study with psychiatric patients with different mental disorders. The MIND-Set study offers the opportunity to study psychiatric risk factors in such a diseased sample.

Finding mechanisms

The primary aim of the MIND-Set is to determine the shared and specific mechanisms of stress-related and neurodevelopmental disorders across multiple units of analyses ranging from genes via neural circuits, endocrinological and inflammation related measures, to (neuro)psychological constructs, and finally to psychopathological symptoms and behaviors.

To find such psychopathological constructs, participants will be diagnosed (psychiatry, somatic, personality), blood, faeces and hair samples will be collected (e.g. DNA, RNA, cortisol), neuropsychological testing will take place (cognitive bias, executive functioning), and participants will take part in neuroimaging (e.g. resting state, connectivity). Besides patients with stress-related and neurodevelopmental disorders, a healthy control sample will be included in the study.

Working with this data

MIND-Set inclusion has been finalized and the data is ready for use by both internal and external researchers. Please find an overview of the data and measures available below or download here (pdf, 921 kB). If you are interesting in working with MIND-Set data, please contact Dr. Janna Vrijsen to discuss the options:

MIND-Set 2 starts in 2022 and will include a selection of measures and routine longitudinal measures of treatment outcome.

Data overview

Overview MindSet

If you want to know more about the MIND-Set project, please contact:

Dr. Janna Vrijsen


Phone: +31 (024) 36 10685