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Administration and approval before and during experiments

To be able to run experiments with animals different approvals are needed. For one, each project needs ethical approval by the CCD  (Centrale Commissie Dierproeven). CCD approvals generally cover five year projects and go through a lengthy approval procedure by both the local ethics committee and then subsequently on the national level (CCD).

Once a CCD application has been approved, researchers have to apply for a work protocol for each experiment derived from the CCD-approved ethics permit with detailed description of experimental procedures. The work protocols are reviewed by, discussed with and approved by the local Animal Welfare Body. Once approved the experiments can begin.

PLF48214-sRGB-LRWhile running experiments, there is a close communication between the researchers and the veterinarian as well as the animal welfare body regarding the welfare of the animals. Additionally the animal technicians independently check the wellbeing of each animal and discuss it with both the researchers as well as an independent veterinarian and animal welfare body. Close records on the daily welfare as well as procedures are kept electronically and shared by all parties. Once an experiment is completed, a final welfare evaluation is written by the researcher and approved by the animal welfare body.