Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour
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Innovation Lab

Within the Donders Institute there is an active push towards valorisation of the scientific findings. Startups companies will be coached and supported towards successful market introductions. We aim at housing spin-offs that can make use of facilities and the excellent scientific expertise and infrastructure. Help with funding, transfer of IP, access to coaching and venture capital, housing and secretary services are available. The InnovationLab initiative is open to startups from outside the RU as well, as long as their are strong links with the research themes and the researchers in the Donders Institute. Plans are to house the lab in the Trigon building. Spin-offs will be housed for a period up to two or three years.


SMEs companies having a link with cognitive neuroscience and researchers within the Donders Institute are strongly encouraged to contact Franc Grootjen and discuss the possibilities to join the inspiring environment within the Donders Innovation Lab.


Dr. Franc Grootjen

Tel    : +31 (0)24 36 12537