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Thesis defense Anne Rijpma (Donders series 278)

18 april 2017

Promotors: prof. dr. M. Olde Rikkert, prof. dr. A. Heerschap
Copromotors: prof. dr. R. Meulenbroek

Multi-nutrient interventions and brain metabolism in Alzheimer’s disease: a spectrum of effects

Part I of the present thesis consists of the study design and protocol of the FUTURE study (chapter 2). Chapter 3 reviews the literature on stroke in young adults and addresses the underlying etiology of young stroke.Part II, chapter 4 addresses the prevalence and mean cognitive outcome after first-ever ischemic stroke in young adults compared with a non-stroke population about 11 years after stroke. Part III describes the relationship between long-term memory performance and remote hippocampal volume (chapter 5) and hippocampal integrity (chapter 6) after ischemic stroke in young adults. Chapter 7 describes the white matter integrity remote from the stroke location and the association with long-term cognitive impairment in multiple cognitive domains, incorporating cerebral small vessel disease (lacunes, microbleeds, and white-matter hyperintensities). Finally, part IV addresses the summary of this thesis and general discussion (chapter 8).