Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour
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Thesis defense Herrer Abdulrahman (Donders Series 618)

5 July 2023

Promotors: Prof. dr. E. Richard, Prof. dr. W.A. van Gool, Prof. dr. E.P. Moll van Charante
Co-promotor: Dr. J. van Dalen

Dementia. Risk factors and diagnostics

Dementia is an important health problem that affects increasing numbers of people worldwide. The immedicable deterioration of cognition that can be accompanied by changes in behavior and affect has great impact on personal and societal level. Prevention and risk reduction strategies have therefore become an important global priority to decrease dementia disease burden. We aim to better understand the relationship between blood pressure (BP) and dementia neuropathology. Second, we focus on dementia symptoms and risk factors that may be relevant for clinical practice and future prevention strategies. Lastly, we investigate methods related to the improvement of dementia in  diagnostic practice.