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Thesis defense Ida Bosga-Stork (Donders series 219)

31 August 2016

Promotor: Prof. dr. R. Meulenbroek , copromotor: dr. J. Ellis

A longitudinal study of preparatory handwriting: Developing efficiency in motor control

The first part of this thesis describes several longitudinal studies into the underlying motoric processes of handwriting development of 7-to-9 year-old children in primary school. This part focuses on research on movement variability and adaptation to task constraints within the overarching goal to realize efficient handwriting products. The second part of the thesis is a more ecological approach towards developing handwriting efficiency. In a school setting the development of reading and spelling capacities in relation to handwriting development are studied in detail. Attention is given to a new concept of interdisciplinary counseling were teacher, pediatric physical therapist, psychologist, special educations generalist, speech therapist and others, work together following the regular educational model where possible and special approach when needed. This model was introduced to complement existing primary educational services, because schools now have been given a care duty.