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Thesis defense Judith Beerten-Duijkers (Donders series 479)

22 March 2021

Promotors: Prof. dr. JIM Egger, Prof. dr. CTHWM Vissers, Prof.dr. M. Rinck

Selfregulation in Dual Diagnosis. A neuropsychological perspective.

This dissertation offers a neuropsychological perspective on self-regulation in patients with Dual Diagnosis. The latter concerns the combination of a disorder in substance use and another mental disorder, which can influence health and overall daily life functioning. Both brain and neurobehavioral measures took place with patients and healthy controls. In addition, a self-regulation questionnaire (the Barkley Deficits in Executive Function Scale) was translated and adapted for use in Dutch health care settings. Patients with Dual Diagnosis do feel emotions arising; but, the cognitive analysis, verbalization of those emotions and self-regulation is problematic. This may trigger overarousal by emotions and more substance use. Furthermore, patients with Dual Diagnosis show inhibitory problems when confronted with substance related stimuli. The strong relations between impulsivity-addictive behavior and craving-addictive behavior was reconfirmed. Systematic goal-directed step by step training of self-regulation in emotional situations is recommended.