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Thesis defense Lotte Janssen (Donders series 366)

1 April 2019

Promotors: prof. dr. A. Speckens, prof. dr. J. Buitelaar
Co-promotors: dr. C. Kan, dr. J. Grutters

Attention for ADHD: Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for adults with ADHD

In clinical practice there is a high need for evidence-based psychosocial treatments for adult ADHD to offer alongside the usual treatments, such as pharmacotherapy and psychoeducation. MBCT is an innovative psychosocial treatment in which mindfulness practice is combined with cognitive behavioural therapy. The primary aim of this research project was to examine the efficacy of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) in reducing core symptoms and improving overall functioning in adults with ADHD. In order to achieve this aim, we took different steps. First, we examined the efficacy of an adapted and extended 12-week MBCT programme compared with a waitlist control group. Second, we conducted a mixed-method study to examine whether a regular 8-week MBCT programme is also feasible for adults with ADHD and to explore which modifications of this programme were actually necessary to meet the unique challenges of adults with ADHD. Next, we evaluated the clinical efficacy and cost-effectiveness of the 8-week MBCT programme, compared with treatment as usual, as evidence for the value of the treatments, since ADHD in adults has a considerable impact both on a personal and a societal level. Based on our findings we concluded that MBCT might be a valuable treatment option alongside the usual treatments for adult ADHD aimed at alleviating core symptoms.