Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour
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Thesis defense Marieke van Nieuwenhuijzen (Donders series 282)

6 June 2017

Promotor: prof. dr. ir. P. Desain, prof. dr. O. Jensen

Copromotor: dr. M. van Gerven

Decoding the perception and memory trace: Neuronal representations of perceptual and memory content in time and space.

Every moment of the day we are bombarded with information. But how does the brain process all this information? In this dissertation, I have assessed how information contained in an image or in a spoken word moves through the brain. For example, when we are looking at an image of a face, information is visible in brain activity in the back of the brain within sixty milliseconds. If we continue to view this image, and when we eventually commit it to memory, information also becomes represented in brain areas located more to the front. In this way I have shown how our brain processes information from our environment over time, both for images we view and words that we hear.