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Thesis defense Marloes Lagarde (Donders series 577)

8 December 2022

Promotor: prof. dr. A. Geurts

Co-promotors: dr. L. van den Engel-Hoek, dr. N. van Alfen

The added value of instrumented measurements in pediatric dysphagia

Speech language pathologists play an important role in the diagnostic process of feeding and swallowing difficulties. The diagnostic process usually consists of an observation of a feeding session and a clinical assessment. In this PhD thesis is studied what the added value of instrumented measurements in the diagnostic of feeding and swallowing is. The studies focused on the use of a stethoscope to assess the quality of breathing before and after swallowing, the use of ultrasound to measure specific orofacial muscles and to measure tongue movements during sucking and swallowing, and the use of surface electromyography to measure the activity of specific muscles in the orofacial region. The instruments are used in specific patient groups. The use of instrumented measurements can lead to more insight in the disturbed underlying mechanisms of feeding and swallowing disorders and with this information, a tailored advice for specific treatment can be given.