Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour
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Thesis defense Matthias Fritsche (Donders series 447)

14 September 2020

Promotor: prof. dr. F. de Lange

Temporal Context in Visual Perception

Our visual perception of the world appears to be remarkably accurate and stable. However, the visual input that enters our brains is often ambiguous and unstable, due to factors such as eye movements, blinks and biological noise. How do our brains achieve accurate and stable perception? Importantly, our world exhibits strong temporal regularities. For instance, most objects remain stable or change only slowly across time. In this thesis, I investigate how our brains may exploit these regularities and use recent temporal context to optimize perception and decisions. In particular, I shed light on how the recent temporal context influences different stages of perceptual decision-making, and the conditions under which previous sensory input affect current visual processing. Next to psychophysics and computational modeling, I employed functional magnetic resonance imaging to study the influence of temporal context at the neural level. Together, my thesis provides important insights into how temporal context affects current visual processing.