Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour
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Thesis defense Sanne Schoenmakers (Donders series 370)

31 January 2019

Promotor: prof. dr. T. van Heskes, prof. dr. P. Desain, prof. dr. M. van Gerven

Brainreading; Decoding the mental state

With the advent of sophisticated acquisition and analysis techniques, decoding the contents of someone’s experience has become a reality. In this thesis, I present an elegant Bayesian framework, which can reconstruct the characters perceived by participants in the MRI scanner. The framework can integrate different types of information retrieved from the brain, like pixel and categorical information of a perceived image. Furthermore the framework can incorporate the higher level where characters come together as words and form meaningful messages. Previous researchhas indicated that perception and imagery share the same neural substrate. My research brings cognitive brain computer interfaces (BCIs) that are driven by direct decoding of internally generated messages within reach.