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Destination of our former PhD candidates

Within the Donders Graduate School we aim to guide our graduates to become skilled academics who are equipped for a wide range of professions. To provide our future and current PhD candidates with a better overview of their career options we have analyzed the career paths of our alumni.

Of all PhD graduates who published their thesis in de Donders Thesis Series we have determined their job title(s) and where they work 1 year, 5 years and 10 years after graduation. These data were gathered based on openly available information, such as LinkedIn profiles, personal webpages, current employer profile pages, CVs in the thesis, or based on information their supervisors provided.

Download the PhD graduates factsheet

alumni factsheet 2

Find out where our PhD graduates work after one, five or ten years. Click on the icon below to download the PhD graduates factsheet:

DI PhD graduates factsheet

Life after a Donders PhD

The possibilities after obtaining a Donders PhD are endless. Watch the videos of some former Donders PhD candidates below.