Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour
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Graduate School Training

The Donders Graduate School provides a tailor-made training programme at the highest international level. The first step is to set up a Training and Supervision Plan (TSP) with the aim of developing both research and personal skills. Regular meetings, so-called checkpoints, are scheduled to reflect on the project so far and to discuss the wishes for the future. Part of your job as a PhD candidate is to follow courses to help you in your development towards becoming a PhD. The Donders Graduate School offers several courses that we consider important for your development, in addition  to the courses offered at the central level of the Radboud University and Radboudumc.

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The Donders Graduate School offers:

Graduate School Introduction day

During this day you will receive information about the Donders Graduate School and you will get to know your peers who have recently started as well.

Scientific Integrity day

For our (second-year) PhD candidates we offer an annual scientific integrity course in which we focus on the do' and don'ts in your research project.

Graduate School day

Just before the summer holidays start we organise our annual Graduate School day in which we offer several transferable skills workshops for our Master students and PhD candidates.

Career Event

When the end of your PhD project is approaching it is time to think about the next steps in your career. The Donders Graduate School offers regular career events to help you focus on the future.