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Academic Integrity day

Everyone agrees that falsifying and fabricating data is scientific misconduct. However, in practice we sometimes run into a dilemma and may ask ourselves whether we enter the grey zone of academic integrity.

Is it acceptable to have an author on the author list who you have never seen or communicated with? How do you deal with substantial statistical tests? What should you do with a null effect? How to cite your own papers correctly?

The Donders Graduate School organises a yearly Academic Integrity day. Please note that this course is obligatory for our PhD candidates, preferred attendance in the second year.

PhD candidates with a Radboudumc contract could also take a Scientific integrity course via the Online learning environment and register for "Scientific Integrity for PhD candidates"

The preliminary date of the next edition of the Academic Integrity day is Tuesday January 16th 2024. The programme will be posted at a later time, but please have a look at the programme of the last edition:

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Registration form: