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Graduate School Certificate

At the end of a PhD project the Donders Graduate School will provide (on your request) the Graduate School Certificate (GSC) to PhD candidates who successfully gained 30 ECTS (18 ECTS + 12 ECTS). The certificate certifies that a PhD candidate has participated in the graduate training program offered by the Donders Graduate School.

The 18 ECTS part (proof of attendance required) covers courses and/or events for which a certificate or a measure of assessment is granted to the PhD candidate.

The 12 ECTS part (no proof of attendance required) covers local and (inter)national scientific events that all PhD candidates are expected to attend throughout their PhD trajectory: Donders Session, Donders Lectures (6 ECTS), (inter)national lectures, symposia, conferences, summer and winter schools (6 ECTS).

More detailed information can be found on the intranet pages.