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Request ECTS for the GS certificate

In order to be able to follow online courses or summer schools, PhD candidates should have prior approval of their supervisor.

Winter and summer schools count for the 12 ECTS (336 hours) part, except when PhD candidates can show that it was not conference-like/passive listening, but a real training/education.

If you'd like this course/summer school to be listed on your Graduate School certificate please follow these guidelines:

  • Fill in the form below.
  • Send this form to the Graduate School Coordinator with the confirmation that your supervisor agrees with your following the course/ summer school.
  • For e-courses a screen shot of “exam passed” (including name of applicant) is sufficient to be listed on the Graduate School Certificate, an expensive official certificate is not required (Please upload this in Hora Finita under Training activities in your portfolio).
  • After the summer school: proof of attendance is desired, however if not provided, the confirmation email is sufficient.
  • For courses, workshops etc: round the number of hours up to full hours.
  • If the course organizer has assigned hours or ECTS to the course we will use that amount (or the average number if a range is indicated), otherwise you can estimate the number of hours based on the form below. Note that 1 ECTS = 28 hours.

The Graduate School Coordinator will process the request.