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Monitoring programme

To register, track the progress of PhD trajectories and monitor the quality of supervision, every PhD candidate is included in Hora Finita, a web based system.

Hora SnapA short instruction for PhD candidates is available here. Supervisors use the system to evaluate, which is introduced here.

More information about Hora Finita on the university website can be found here. The benefits of this tracking system:

  • All PhD candidates will be automatically invited to schedule regular meetings with their supervision team to discuss progress, so-called checkpoints. The content of these checkpoint meetings will be documented in Hora Finita, and gives a clear overview of the progress throughout the project.
  • PhD candidates regularly submit a confidential survey about the supervision they receive from their supervisors. This confidential survey is only read by the Graduate School coordinator, who will invite the PhD candidate for a confidential meeting if necessary.
  • The supervision team gives a short evaluation report about the progress. The Management Team and the Graduate School will monitor these evaluation reports, so we could help the PhD candidate and supervision team in case the PhD encounters obstacles during the project.