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Throughout the PhD trajectory all PhD candidates part of the Donders Graduate School (DGS) have annual checkpoints to discuss progress of the project.

Checkpoint 1:

The first checkpoint meeting is scheduled around 3 months after the start of the project. This checkpoint is meant to discuss whether the PhD candidate is settled.

Checkpoint 2:

1 year after the start of the PhD Project. This is an official evaluation meeting (pdf, 123 kB) with an external advisor. Prolongation of the PhD contract is discussed, especially for the PhD candidates who have an 18 months + 30 months contract at the university (FSW, FNWI, etc).

Checkpoint 3:

2 years after the start of the PhD project. During this meeting (pdf, 426 kB) the same external advisor joins the meeting again. PhD candidate will give a short presentation of the content of the thesis and the timeline. The focus of this meeting will be about what is necessary to finish the thesis and its feasibility. The rule of thumb that should be applied is that the candidate is at the half-way point of their thesis, and when allowance is made for writing up, they cannot be expected to have a higher output in the last two years than in the first two.

Checkpoint 4:

3 years after the start of the PhD project. During the meeting the supervision team and the PhD candidate discuss the progress of the thesis and career perspectives.

Checkpoint 5:

45 months after the start of the PhD project (4 years minus 3 months). The PhD candidate and the supervision team discuss what is necessary to hand the thesis to the manuscript committee. Again as in previous checkpoint meetings the career of the PhD candidate will be discussed. The PhD candidate sends a summary of the content of the thesis and the timeline to the centre director, the MD and the graduate school coordinator.