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Support and supervision

Our mission is to guide our graduates to become skilled academics who are equipped for a wide range of professions. In order to achieve this we do our utmost to ensure that our PhD candidates receive support and supervision of the highest quality. The Donders Graduate School together with our Management Team carefully monitors the support and supervision our PhD candidates receive. As a PhD candidate at the Donders Institute you will be part of one or more dedicated research groups and are supervised by your own supervision team.


We recognise the importance of a good collaboration between the PhD candidate and their supervision team. To encourage optimal supervision we have developed PhD Supervision Guidelines (pdf, 153 kB).

Every PhD candidate within the Donders Graduate School will be supervised by a supervision team that is selected to be complementary.

  • At all times, the supervision team should consist of a minimum of two supervisors, the promotor and a co-supervisor.
  • The co-supervisor should have a PhD degree.
  • Ideally the two supervisors will be part of your supervision team throughout the whole PhD project, however this is not necessary. If the contract of one of the supervisors ends during the PhD candidate’s project, a smooth transition to another supervisor is desired.

We strongly advise our PhD candidates and their supervisors to schedule regular meetings.

What to expect from your supervision team members:

We would like to emphasize that all members of the supervision team should be involved in your project. Please invite all members during your annual Checkpoint meetings; discuss what needs to be changed in your TSP and what is necessary for you to finish your PhD project in time.

Other types of support

Every PhD candidate receives a confidant at the beginning of the PhD project. The main role of a confidant is to act as a first line of support for the PhD candidate. The confidant can intercede with the PhD supervisor in the event of a disagreement or conflict and can also offer support if the project is falling behind schedule.

A selection of PhD candidates form a PhD council. They are highly active by organising several activities for PhD candidates and can be found to act on their behalf in PhD-related issues.

One of the tasks of the Graduate School Coordinator is to give support to PhD candidates who would like to know more about their training opportunities or with regard to other PhD project-related issues. Furthermore, the Graduate School Coordinator could also have the role of a confidant.

International PhD candidates at the Donders Graduate School are encouraged to sign up for a PhD buddy. the PhD buddy can help you find your way in the Netherlands, Nijmegen, at the university etc. Also, our more advanced PhD candidates could sign up to become a buddy.

The Radboud University's Global Lounge offers a place for lounging and working and organises events and activities for the international community. In the future they are hoping to relaunch their buddy programmes for PhD candidates.

For health-related questions, please find your way to the AMD. They have occupational social workers who aim to offer low-threshold guidance to all employees. If you experience stress-related symptoms or other health-related problems, please find them for an appointment.

For questions regarding scientific conduct, please contact one of the Research integrity advisors.