Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour
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Postdoc support for Donders researchers

Within the Donders Institute we aim to support our postdoctoral researchers as much as possible. We encourage them to build a multidisciplinary network, we offer support for their personal and academic development and they are welcome to join several training and coaching programmes.

This specific group of early career scientists connect with each and share knowledge via the Donders Postdoc platform on Mattermost, where the latest social and career events are shared.

Postdocs at the Donders Institute can find more information about onboarding and working at the Donders on the intranet page for postdocs.

We highly recommend all postdocs to work on their personal development plan.

Postdoc council

The postdoctoral representatives are members of the postdoctoral community. They form the postdoc council and organize events and activities for postdocs Donders-wide. You can contact them here if you have any questions about past/future postdoc events.

Each Donders centre has postdoc representatives who aim to assist with the postdoc life at the Donders Institute. The postdoc representatives are listed here:

DCC: Julian Kosciessa, Ruben van Bergen
DCCN: Yamil Vidal, Wouter Schellekens, Hannah Savage
DCMN: Mireia Coll Tane
DCN: Natalia Mora Garcia, Abdelrahman Rayan


The TRAP network (Temporary Academic Personnel of the Radboud University) was founded to promote the interests of all academic staff with temporary employment contracts at Radboud University. It is a good idea to regularly check their agenda, they organize very useful things to facilitate temporary staff!