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GUIS: Ivan Toni

Dear all,

Join us in the first Growing Up in Science event of this academic year! After 2 successful editions with external guests, we are going back to the heart of the Donders Institute, as we’ll be getting to know to our very own Ivan Toni. Here are the specs:

Monday October 14, 16.00 – 17.00 pm, Red Room (Trigon)

Ivan is one of the cornerstones of the Donders Institute, and it is hard to imagine that there was a period where he was a scientist elsewhere! Just to demonstrate that he had a life before Nijmegen, here’s the “official” story of Ivan’s career:

Ivan received his M.Sc in Biological Sciences from the University of Bologna in 1990 (with honours). He obtained his PhD in Neuroscience from the university of Parma in 1996, during which he also spent a year at INSERM in Lyon, France. He then moved to the Functional Imaging Laboratory in London for a postdoc, before continuing as a senior research fellow in Jülich, Germany. He finished this grand tour of Europe in 2001, when he started as a PI at the Donders Institute. His track record includes no less than 26 grants, many many papers, a Radboud Science award, amongst others. Ivan is also a fantastic mentor, with his former pupils in no less than 5 PI positions at the Donders Institute!

Curious what things are like behind the scenes for someone with such a successful scientific career? What is his life like besides all the awesome science? How many grants did he apply for but didn’t get? Why did he try to fend off a full professorship for as long as possible? And does someone with such a stellar track record ever doubt himself?

Come join us, so you can find out for yourself!

As always, you are very welcome (and encouraged!) to ask questions during the event, but if you feel a little shy to do so, please send questions you have in advance to Patricia. These questions will be anonymized and asked by the moderators.

Looking forward to see you there,

Alan, Hanneke, Patricia