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GUIS: Marijn Kroes

marijn (002)As a festive end of the year, we are happy to announce a final Growing Up in Science event! After popular request we are branching out and this time we will interview someone who is no longer in academic research. We will interview our (used to be) very own Dr. Marijn Kroes, Data Science Consultant at Valcon (previously Viqtor Davis):

Who: Dr. Marijn Kroes (DCMN)
When:Thursday December 9, 16:00-17.00h
Where: Zoom!

Meeting ID: 820 0676 2905
Passcode: 621410

In most previous editions, we heard from senior scientists at the Donders Institute about their winding career paths and life's flukes and decisions. But we all know that many researchers leave academic science at some point in their career. So where do they end up?

Here’s the official story of Marijn’s career:

Marijn completed his BSc (psychonomics, university of Amsterdam) and MSc (Neuroscience, University of Utrecht and University College London) with 5 publications prior to starting his PhD. He received his PhD cum laude at the Donders Institute in 2013 as the start of a stellar scientific career. He worked as a postdoctoral fellow in Amsterdam, Madrid and New York, and subsequently came back as an assistant professor to Nijmegen to set up his own research group combining human and animal research. He received numerous grants and prizes for his groundbreaking work on memory (re)consolidation, including Marie Curie and Branco-Weiss fellowships, and the prestigious Hermesdorf prize for his science outreach work. And then he became a data consultant at

Curious why Marijn made this choice? What decisions he faced? What doubts and struggles there were along the way? How he is enjoying her non-academic research career? Come join us!

As always, you are very welcome (and encouraged!) to ask questions during the event!

Looking forward to see you there,

Hanneke & Alan