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GUIS: Roshan Cools

Join us for the first Growing Up in Science event of 2021! To celebrate Spring and our emergence from Winter (and hopefully lockdown), we are delighted to be joined in the interview chair by Roshan Cools! Please tune in on April 1st from the comfort of your attic, bedroom, or kitchen to hear about Roshan’s academic journey, past and present. Here are the specs:

Who: Prof. Roshan Cools (DCCN & RadboudUMC Department of Psychiatry)
When: Thursday April 1, 16:00 -17.00h
Where: Zoom!

As a teaser trailer, here’s the “official” story of Roshan’s career:roshancools (1)

Roshan received her degree in Experimental Psychology from the university of Groningen in 1998 (cum laude), and her PhD from Cambridge University in 2003, where she did ground-breaking work studying Parkinson’s disease as a model of dopamine-dependent cognitive dysfunction. She then worked as a post-doc at Berkeley, moved briefly back to Cambridge and then onto the Donders Institute to start her own lab. She became a full professor in 2011, wearing her (grand)father’s professorial gown and pregnant with the next Cools generation. Roshan is a member of the Dutch Advisory council for Science, Technology and Innovation and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Science (KNAW). She has received many grants and prizes, including Ammodo and James McDonnell scholar awards, and is currently writing her first book, the biography of dopamine.

Curious what things are like behind the scenes for someone with such a successful scientific career? What is her life like besides all the awesome science? Do you want to know how she stays sane (hint: it involves water)? What it’s like to grow up as a scientist when at your first poster session, people expect to see your dad, who also studies dopamine? What keeps her up at night, what have been the struggles, and what have been the joys?

Please join us so you can find out for yourself!

As always, you are very welcome (and encouraged!) to ask questions during the event via the chat, but if you feel a little shy you can also send questions in advance to Floortje ( These questions will be anonymized and asked by the moderators during the discussion.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Zoom rectangles,

Alan, Hanneke, Floortje