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What is GUIS

What is GUIS?

We launched the "Growing up in science" series in 2016 to decrease a perceived gap between students, PhD candidates and more experienced scientists. Questions, such as "Do you have hobbies?", "Do you procrastinate?", "What do you like most about doing research?" will be asked and discussed during the event. The discussion is not supposed to be about scientific content or general career advice, but rather about the individual career, life and experiences of one scientist at a time.

Past GUIS events
Summer 2015: Prof Ole Jensen
Prof Wei Ji Ma
Spring 2016 Prof Karin Roelofs
Summer 2016 Dr Floris de Lange
Winter 2017 Prof Pieter Medendorp
Summer 2017 Dr Mathilde Bonnefond
Summer 2018 Dr Erno Hermans
Autumn 2018 Dr Marike Schiffer