Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour
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Information participation in research at Donders Centre for Cognition

Faculty of Social Sciences

Maria Montessori building

Thomas van Aquinostraat 4

6525 GD Nijmegen


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The Donders Centre for Cognition investigates brain, cognition and behaviour. The centre has various techniques in order to measure behaviour and brain activity at its disposal. For our research, we need healthy adult volunteers (18 years and over) to participate in various experiments, e.g. language, perception, action or memory tasks. All our research and research methods have negligible to minimal risks, on which you can get additional information from the responsible researcher.

You can read more about being a research participant in our general information brochure. (pdf, 147 kB)

Before signing up for participation please read the information on the applicable study and research method (behaviour (pdf, 128 kB), EEG (pdf, 196 kB)audio-video (pdf, 160 kB), translationsled (pdf, 177 kB), robotarm (pdf, 157 kB), EEG-FES (pdf, 234 kB)). Please feel free to ask the responsible researcher for additional information as well.

After your participation

It’s possible to share your experience regarding your participation. Are you satisfied or perhaps not at all? Please let us know by means of a feedback-webform. You can find this form here. We really appreciate your feedback!

Path to the welcome desk in Maria Montessori building.

When you enter the Maria Montessori building through the main entrance, go up the stairs on the left. At the top, go to the right and walk past the first tables via the large central aisle. The registration desk is then immediately afterwards on the right in the corner.