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Support resources

There are many different support resources available within the Donders Institute, the Radboud University and the Radboudumc that you could reach out to. However, it can be difficult to navigate all these options and to find out which person or service can help you best. Therefore, we have created a comprehensive visual overview of the options per support category and provided their role descriptions to identify the support resource most suitable for your question(s) or problem(s). And in case of doubt, just reach out to someone who is listed on this overview, and if necessary you will be referred to someone else.

Download the flowchart to get a clear overview of the support options. On this page you can also find the support categories, within the flowchart you will find all support role descriptions. Download the flowchart by clicking on the link or image below:

Download the flowchart (pdf, 207 kB)

Flowchart support resources

Support Categories

Academic Integrity

For everything related to academic integrity, ranging from suspicions of fraud, falsification, fabrication, and plagiarism, to discussions about authorship, preregistration, p-hacking, or other academic misbehaviour.

Social Safety

In case you experience some form of undesirable behaviour in the workplace. Examples may include bullying, sexual intimidation, aggression or abuse of power.

Communication and Interaction

For all other issues related to communication and interaction, with colleagues, supervisors or other work related contacts.

Work-Life Balance

For all questions related to a healthy and professional work-life balance, including mental health support. Note that an overview of mental health support resources
which includes options outside the Radboud University or the Radboudumc can be found here.

Personal Development

For everything related to your professional development, ranging from career advice to improving your skill set or leadership qualities.

Employment Conditions

For questions about your contract, facilities and other employment conditions.


Download the flowchart (pdf, 207 kB) for a clear and complete overview of all the support categories and role descriptions.