Chair in Business Economics

In today’s network economy no organization is an island. Instead organizations are involved in many different types of inter-organizational relationships and networks ranging from informal collaborations to formal strategic alliances. This implies that many resources and processes that are important for the functioning and performance of organizations no longer reside within its own boundaries but are often (partially) controlled by others. This gives rise to many challenges for the governance and control of intra-organizational relations, inter-organizational relations, and inter-organizational networks alike. Research and teaching within the Business Economics chair focuses on exactly these challenges.

Staff of the chair of business economics is largely responsible for the courses in the Bachelor track Business Economics and the English language Bachelor International Economics and Business. Moreover, they are the driving force behind the Master track Accounting and Control as well as Corporate Finance and Control.

The research of the staff members of the chair of Business Economis is largely embedded in the research themes Governance and Innovation in Social Services as well as Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Business Ecosystems.