Vacancy Peer Mentor

Date of news: 28 September 2021

The Nijmegen School of Management is organising a Peer Mentoring Project. The project is meant for all students: from first-year Bachelor students to pre-Master and Master students. Every student will be assigned to a peer mentoring group of 4 – 6 students and 1 peer mentor. The peer mentoring groups will be organized by year and study. Every group will meet up once a month (or more often) to share study-experiences and to get to know their fellow students. So for example, groups can go for a coffee, exchange information about their studies or specific courses and learn about study and planning skills.

We are looking for peer mentors for these groups. As a peer mentor you organise and coordinate the group meetings, share study related information and make sure the students get to know each other. More information can be found here.