Economics & Business Economics is unique

Nijmegen economists aim to truly understand the world around them and, in turn, contribute to the discussion and resolution of many important social questions. In the process of doing so, they not only make use of the standard repertoire of economic research methods, they also employ methods from related disciplines, such as psychology and sociology. Economics & Business Economics in Nijmegen is Economics+.

This approach to Economics & Business Economics is the focus of many research projects that are conducted within the Economics & Business Economics programme. These are centred on the interaction between individuals, organisations, and institutions in order to gain deeper insights into economic behaviour and the drivers behind them.

Students who participate in the Economics & Business Economics degree programme, at either the Bachelor’s or Master’s level, become familiar with this comprehensive and diverse approach. They learn the Economics+ way as well. The standard courses in the curriculum of the Economics & Business Economics degree programme is deliberately supplemented with insights from other disciplines.

The focus and approach of Economics & Business Economics is possible in part due to its integration within the Nijmegen School of Management. Furthermore, the division consists of well-qualified staff with a wide range of expertise, distributed across four chair groups (Economic Theory and Economic Policy, Business Economics, Finance, and International Economics.) Together, they are what make the Nijmegen economics degree programmes and scientific practice unique.

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