Economics and Law

Dual approach

For future economists, it is important that they can evaluate the legal consequences of their decisions. This might apply to you, for example, if you wanted to work as an economist for a large multinational enterprise. The minor Law will enable you to stand out from the crowd of other economics graduates, and certainly give you an advantage when applying for jobs in the future. On completion of the minor, you will have two Masters degrees, which is not the case with similar dual programs at other universities in the Netherlands. Note that the minor and subsequent Law master program do not lead to a ‘civiel effect'. This means that you don't get access to the legal profession and judicial authority in the Netherlands, including the Public Prosecutions Department.

Two masters within reach?

The minor Law makes it possible for you to get two master degrees within 5 years. With your completed bachelor in Economics and Business Economics you get access to one of the tracks of the consecutive master program in Economics. Add a minor Law and you also get admission to a number of master specialisations at the Law Department. Note however that this will require you to go an extra mile. Depending on which minor Law you choose, you will have to take 41-57 EC on law courses extra. Of these you could use 24 EC as electives in the bachelor program of Economics and Business Economics. The remaining 17-33 EC is what you will have to do extra.

More information?

Most of the courses of the minors Law are in Dutch. We therefore refer you to our Dutch website to get more information on the minor Law and to which Law master specialisations it gives access.

>>> go to the Dutch website for more information on the minor Law