About OO&R

Our core values are quality, integrity and a focus on legal practice. We strive to achieve academic research at the highest level and set great store by scientific integrity in our research. OO&R aims to interconnect research, education and legal practice.

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The organisation of OO&R includes the board, the board of governors and the research fellows. Use the button below to see who they are.

Organisational structure


Radboud Business Law Institute would like to keep you informed about the current state of affairs. The newsletter is published once a year. The newsletter contains information on appointments, PhDs, publications, current research and upcoming OO&R events.

dennis.arns [at] ru.nl (Apply newsletter)

Mission and vision

OO&R has as its goal the reinforcing of the law that applies to corporate operations. It does that through fundamental academic research, social commitment and the training of lawyers and scientists. That way, OO&R contributes to the resilience, sustainability and security of society.

We are led by our core values: quality, integrity and orientation on legal practice. We strive to be the leading Dutch institution in the field of corporate law, with research that focuses on the legal topics that are important to present-day corporate life and that keep step with international and European developments.

Strategy 2025

In order to continue fulfilling our mission and research objectives in the coming years, the institute has formulated a strategy.

  • Integrating sustainability and digitalization. The integration of digitalization challenges demands a focus on the legal aspects of new technology. We aim at strengthening our expertise in this area.
  • Calibrating our research partners. We want to ensure a balance between partners in the legal services industry and corporate partners that contribute to our mission and goals and strengthen our research partnership with other innovative companies that may contribute to our mission and goals.
  • Internationalization. Internationalization must keep pace with business oriented law and legal practice, and we stimulate our researchers to publish more internationally.
  • Research environment. The institute wants to be the greatest place to work for legal scholars in the field of business law.
  • Academic integrity. We strive for high awareness of the importance of academic integrity among all researchers as academic integrity is an integral part of research quality.
  • Research communication and valorisation. In the coming years we aim at further enhancing our research communication and improve our international visibility. We encourage our researcher to publish research that could be published open access, is published open access as much as possible.


Our research centre collaborates with a number of leading law and notary firms and companies (external partners). Those partners are up to date with developments in practice. They provide general issues and ideas for research. The OO&R and partners also regularly organise symposia and seminars, including: AEGONAllen & OveryAPG Asset ManagementDe Brauw Blackstone WestbroekClifford ChanceEumedionFreshfields Bruckhaus DeringerHouthoffING BankKoninklijke PhilipsKPNLoyens & LoeffNauta DutilhDe Nederlandsche BankPels Rijcken & Droogleever FortuijnRabobankStibbeTriodos Bank. Get in touch with us for possible collaborations.


As a research institute, the Radboud Business Law Institute is subject to compulsory and periodic evaluation. Every six years, a full-fledged evaluation takes place in accordance with the Standard Evaluation Protocol (SEP).

In the latest evaluation in 2020, Radboud Business Law Institute was rated as ‘excellent’ by the external visitation committee. The institute received the highest possible ratings on quality of research and relevance to society.

Research assessment 2020