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  • EndNote

    EndNote kickstart (NL/EN)

    You are going to practice with EndNote. After the training you are able: To choose a reference style, To add references, To add pdf’s, To cite while you write, To make a reference list, To search in your EndNote library.

  • Vox Populi: On Forecasting Elections with Twitter

    We collectively produce huge numbers of Tweets on pretty much any topic, including politics. These big data can be used by researchers to predict the outcome of elections. The Vox Populi project explored the extent to which this is possible and how this process can be optimised.   

  • Effects of lower limb orthotic devices in people with neurological disorders

    People with neurological disorders often experience problems with their balance and gait. To improve the gait capacity orthotic devices, like ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs) and orthopedic footwear, are prescribed.

  • Webinar | BA in International Business Communication

    Communication is crucial for the success of organisations - if you are interested in pursuing a Bachelor's in International Business Communications, register today!

  • Take control of your thesis

    During the training 'Getting a grip on your thesis' you analyse your thesis process and find starting points to get and/or keep moving with your thesis.

  • Clinical implications of the introduction of robot assisted surgery in bladder cancer patients

    Removal of the urinary bladder in patients with bladder cancer is usually done by opening the abdomen. With this operation, the risk of complications (for example blood loss or inflammation) is quite high.

  • The four-transmembrane proteins CD20 and CD53 control lymphocyte function


  • oratie mw. prof. dr. B. Snijder-Kuipers


  • Koor aan het zingen

    The NSKAD sings the Requiem of Duruflé

    This Saturday (11-02-2023), Student Choir NSKAD will perform Duruflé's Requiem. The student choir is conducted by Leenke de Lege and is assisted by organist Jan Pieter Lanooy and soloist Alexandre Dandelot. Furthermore, the choir will perform works from Debussy, Ravel and Saïnt-Saens.

  • Online Platform Bachelor's

    In our online platform you can watch informational videos about all our Bachelor's programmes, when and where you want. You will already get really good insights into our study programmes.

  • NeurotechEU mini-symposium in "Bias in Decision-Making"

    We invite you to join the NeurotechEU - iBehave mini-symposium by two leading social psychologists about current research, actual experimental data, and views on ‘implicit bias’ and how biases in groups influence our decision-making.

  • Complications of hydrocephalus treatment.

    Associated complications of temporary external drainage or permanent internal shunting for the treatment of hydrocephalus are a persistent, significant problem and should be the topic of future investigations.

  • Spatiotemporal dynamic of the cortico-hippocampal interaction


  • Workshop Online harassment against academics

    Online threats are a growing problem. What is known about online attacks? The workshop Online Attacks will tackle this subject.

  • Zotero workshop (EN/NL)

    Start working with Zotero immediately. After this workshop you have learned to:

  • Koffie bonen

    15 min. coffee lecture: InCites, analyze research

    You can analyze sets of papers from Web of Science with InCites. It is a customized, web-based research evaluation tool for Research Organizations, Funding and policy organizations, Publishers, Librarians, Scientists, and Managers.

  • Bacterial biofilms in early colon carcinogenesis: A study in Lynch syndrome and ulcerative colitis


  • Scientific Understanding from AI with Tal Kachman | Late Night Conference with Wilhelm Huck 3X01

    Our opening episode features Tal Kachman, an Assistant Professor at Radboud University. Tal’s research covers a broad range of complex problems, like Computational

  • Writing session UTQ portfolio (UTQWS1)

    During a writing session, you can focus on working on your UTQ portfolio under the supervision of a UTQ coach.

  • Writing a Thesis

    The webinar Writing a Thesis is for Bachelor and Master students that are writing their thesis and do not know what to expect or how to successfully approach their thesis project.