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  • Antimicrobial resistance in neonates and children in humanitarian situations

    Antimicrobial resistance is an acute and growing global health problem.

  • Incoherent papers full of errors: how do you deal with this as a teacher?

    Do you tend to get annoyed by flaws in students' texts? Do you feel that grading poorly written papers takes more time than necessary? Is it even your job as a teacher to give feedback on text quality? Perhaps The Write Space can help you out!

  • Using patient-reported outcome data to inform ICU decision making


  • Respiratory health sensing from speech


  • Controlled Molecule-molecule Inelastic Collisions

    In my thesis, rotationally inelastic collisions between two molecules are studied with crossed molecular beam techniques.

  • Mindfulness

    During the mindfulness training you will learn to direct your attention so that you become aware of your (automatic) thoughts, feelings and physical reactions.

  • Stroke in the young: from epidemiology to prognosis

    The incidence of stroke in the young (< 50 years) is increasing. Patients are at crossroads in their lives, with long life-expectancy.

  • White matter tracts associated with executive aspects of language production in small vessel disease and stroke

    The main findings of this thesis are that language production abilities are affected, although mildly, by cerebrovascular lesions (either WMH or stroke) in areas that are not classically associated with language function

  • Stress management

    During this training, you will learn more about how you experience stress and how to deal with negative thoughts.

  • Radboud Science Awards 2022

    This year’s winners of the Radboud Science Awards are Dr. Annabelle Dufourcq and Dr. med Lisa Genzel from the Radboud University, and Prof. Dr. David Burger and Dr. Angela Colbers from the Radboudumc.

  • Study gym

    During the study gym training you learn how to plan better, study strategically and work well with others.

  • Perception and Production of Communicative Action


  • Perfectionism

    During the perfectionism training, you will learn what perfectionism means to you, how to maintain its healthy elements and how to deal with its toxic, demanding part.

  • Inaugural speech prof. dr. F van Zuiderveen Borgesius

    Chair: ICT and Law

  • Stress management

    Tijdens de training stressmanagement leer je je stress beter (her)kennen en leer je hoe je negatieve gedachten te lijf gaat.

  • The Changing Epidemiology and Therapeutic Spectrum of Esophageal Cancer

    The epidemiology and treatment of esophageal cancer has changed over the past few decades. As one of the high-incidence countries, the Netherlands had nearly 3000 new cases in 2020.

  • Individual atoms at the surface of black phosphorus: probing screening, doping and creating neural networks


  • Inaugural speech prof. dr. C. Rowland

    Chair: First language acquisition

  • Assertiveness

    During the assertiveness training you practice various social skills through role-plays and situations from your own life.

  • Personality and stress in anaesthesiologist

    Anaesthesiologists are frequently confronted with highly dynamic and complex patient-related (crisis) situations. These may have potentially serious consequences. Undeniably these situations can be rather stressful.