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  • Training: Jezelf en je verhaal presenteren met een video

    The training course is only available in Dutch.

  • Geometry Seminar: Sid Mathur

    On Tuesday, 6 June, Sid Mathur will give a Geometry Seminar.

  • Point-of-care ultrasound in Acute Medicine

    This thesis discusses point-of-care ultrasound in the acute medical setting.

  • Mind the Others: Assessing the Effects of Mindfulness on Social Evaluations, Emotions and Behavior

    When triggered or provoked people often act out in a reactive or anti-social matter. The goal of this dissertation was to investigate whether mindfulness benefits interpersonal responses in such challenging situations.

  • Online Information Session on Individual Grants (NWO & ERC)

    The Grant Support & Projects team of Radboud University is organizing an online information session about Individual Grants (NWO: Rubicon, Veni, Vidi, Vici & ERC StG, CoG, AdG).

  • Phase-locking in behavioral reports

    Rhythmic modulations of cognitive processes, such as perception, attention, decision-making, and movement, have been a subject of intense research. These rhythms are believed to reflect the dynamics of neural processing and to coordinate sensory and motor functions. 

  • Writing session UTQ portfolio (UTQWS9a)

    During a writing session, you can focus on working on your UTQ portfolio under the supervision of a UTQ coach.

  • The electronic nose as a possible point of care diagnostic in Tuberculosis


  • KNMI satellites

    Colloquium: Kasper van Dam (KNMI)

    In the colloquium on 7 June, Kasper van Dam from the The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) will give a seminar about space weather.

  • Coordination of speech production and comprehension

    This dissertation explored how irrelevant background speech influenced speech production and what strategies speakers would use to overcome this influence.

  • Radboud Impact Festival

    Are you a student with a heart for nature and the people around you? Then block out 8 June in your diary and get involved in the Radboud Impact Festival!

  • Vaccine Decision-Making and Vaccine Acceptance among orthodox Protestants in the Netherlands

    The orthodox Protestant community in the Netherlands is known as a subgroup with low vaccination acceptance, which make them at higher risk of outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases.

  • Impact Market

    Want to make an impact from the campus? Visit the Impact Market!

  • Poster van World Ocean day 2023

    World Ocean Day x RCSC Hybrid Colloquia

    In honour of the World Ocean Day on Thursday 8 May, the RCSC closes its colloquia series on Ocean with Michelle Bastian, University of Edinburgh and University of Oslo, presenting remotely her research about:

  • Employee meeting invitation about the development of the sustainable workplace concept

    On Thursday 8 June, the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies are organising a meeting to inform their staff about the progress in the development of the workplace concept.

  • Leven lang Ontwikkelen banner

    Leven Lang Ontwikkelen Week

    Do you want to be able to continue to make a meaningful contribution to our resilient society? Then it is important to keep challenging and developing yourself throughout your life. Even after your studies.

  • Vergroot draagvlak voor duurzaamheid met communities

    Do you want to know how to increase support for sustainability in your organisation? Are you looking for new ways to embed sustainability in business operations? Then get inspired by Willem Elbers on Thursday 8 June. Willem is a social scientist at Radboud University.

  • Imaging and fluid biomarkers in uncertain cases of parkinsonism

    Diagnosing Parkinson's disease is not straightforward. Especially in early stages, it can be difficult to distinguish Parkinson's from a group of other conditions that look identical at first glance (parkinsonisms).

  • Active Engagement Workshop

    In this workshop, we take you through the stories of several speakers who are already actively engaged in the sustainable community. They will show that you can make a case for sustainability in various ways.

  • Valedictory lecture by Professor Anneke Smelik

    On Thursday 8 June 2023, Professor Anneke Smelik will give her valedictory lecture (in Dutch) titled Meditation on Fashion.