Radboud Art & Science Wintertuin
Radboud Art & Science Wintertuin

A place where you can stay

Thursday 19 October 2023, 6:30 pm - Saturday 21 October 2023, 5 pm

What stories live on this campus? What grows there, who move through the corridors, what scenes have taken place in this place in 100 years? With these questions, artists Lotte de Schouwer and Lin An Phoa were invited to spend two weeks on the Radboud campus. As two outsiders, they looked at the campus with curious eyes. 

Thursday 19 October until Saturday 21 October | Maria Montessori Building

Hidden treasures of the campus 

What kind of place is the campus? How can you be human in this place? Artists Lotte de Schouwer and Lin An Phoa sought out the stories that don't make the papers. A university campus is much more is than an office or a lecture hall, much more than a place of academic progress. It is a place where people spend the formative years of their lives. People live there, seek love and meaning, eat and protest and doubt, and on weekends, walk their dogs there.

Lotte and Lin An gave themselves the almost impossible task, in such a short amount of time, to see more than the teaching spaces and the routes between them. Things you don't normally start seeing until you get a bit used to a place. Fortunately, they met students and employees who wanted to show their hidden treasures, who had already found their place and wanted to share it. From lost and wandering researchers, Lotte and Lin An slowly became residents, however temporarily. This gallery is the result of the search for how to be human in this place.

About the artists and Wintertuin 

Lin An Phoa is a spoken word artist, writer, linguist and teacher of Dutch for people of all home languages. She writes poetry that is physical and investigative. Through her work, she seeks to understand herself, the world and the relationship between them, looks for ways to speak from body to body.

Lotte de Schouwer is a sociologist, writer, beachcomber and visual artist. Her work is about impermanence, loss and comfort. That everything passes can be both a hopeful and a sad thought.

Wintertuin is a literary organisation based in Nijmegen. We organise festivals and events, guide writers, research new narrative forms and publish stories. With fiction as our guide, we make connections: between readers and writers, between literature and other art forms, between innovation and mainstream and between art and society.

Radboud Art & Science Festival

This event is part of Radboud Art & Science. On 19, 20 and 21 October, immerse yourself in the world of art and science on the university campus.

Let yourself be transported to the past through music, film, and dance. Walk past photo exhibitions, light installations and visual art that give you a unique perspective of the campus. There will also be live concerts, performances, and interactive performances in unexpected places. In doing so, we delve into the university's heritage, history and day-to-day operations, and explore the stories of students, researchers and other staff.

Entrance to Radboud Art & Science is free and everyone is welcome. Will you be there? 

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Thursday 19 October 2023, 6:30 pm - Saturday 21 October 2023, 5 pm
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