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  • LET's Dance Festival

    LET's Dance Festival

    On Saturday 23 September, the Faculty of Arts will celebrate its 100th birthday at the Commanderie van St. Jan. Students, employees and alumni can enjoy a festive programme with many different activities.

  • LET's Dance Festival

    A big party will be organised on Saturday 23 September 2023.

  • Human & Environmental Risk Assessment of Pharmaceuticals

    Pharmaceuticals are an indispensable tool against disease and morbidity in humans and animals. However, their use also poses some challenges and can lead to undesirable consequences, some of the most concerning of which are increased environmental pollution and antimicrobial resistance.

  • Studying with AD(H)D

    During the training studying with AD(H)D you will learn more about how AD(H)D and studying works best for you.

  • Taming and unleashing the reactivity of nanographene π-radicals

    Open-shell nanographenes are envisioned as promising future materials, in which spin interactions between unpaired electrons enable control of quantum information or induce magnetism, features sought-after in spintronics and quantum molecular science.

  • Information security and privacy in the smart electricity grid

    This PhD thesis addresses the security and privacy aspects of the modern, smart electricity grid, paying particular attention to two specific domains: smart meters and the charging of electric vehicles.  

  • Banner van het CCEP met daarop een detail van de letters CCEP, donkerrood tegen een felrode achtergrond.

    Leopoldo Zea’s Philosophy of Latin American History and the End(s) of the Hegelian Dialectic

    This lecture is part of the monthly CCEP Lecture Series hosted by the

  • Radboud Ancient and Medieval Lecture Series (RAM): Lucinda Dirven

    For this lecture in the Radboud Ancient and Medieval (RAM) lecture series, Lucinda Dirven will talk about religious communities and commonalities in third-century Palmyra.

  • Artificial intelligence increasingly applied in radiology

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly prominent in the news, but also in the medical field. In medical images, AI can help detect conditions such as breast cancer or delineate brain regions for dementia diagnostics.

  • Banner van het CCEP met daarop een detail van de letters CCEP, donkerrood tegen een felrode achtergrond.

    The critic of violence in Levinas and Derrida

    This lecture is part of the monthly CCEP Lecture Series hosted by the 

  • Lecture: The critic of violence in Levinas and Derrida

    It unfolds two main arguments. The first one is that the problem of violence in Levinas entails focusing on the subjet’s structures and not on its relation to the Other. The second is that a critic of violence entails understanding the relation between language, silence and thought. 

  • Free wraps to thank you for participating in the National Student Survey

    Free wraps Radboud University would like to thank all students who completed the National Student Survey 2023 early this year. Thanks to your participation, we received a lot of useful feedback that will help us improve our education.

  • Dr Fons Meijer

    Patterns of Political Interaction lunch event: ‘Death of a politician: emotion, media and politics’

    The research group Patterns of Political Interaction organises a lunch event on Tuesday 26 September with Dr Fons Meijer, researcher at the Centre for Parliamentary History.

  • Lunch meeting Faculty Annual Plan 2024

    Leave your mark on the future of our faculty! Come to the lunch meeting on Tuesday, 26th September, from 12:20 to 13:20 and provide input on the 2024 Annual Plan together with faculty staff and students.

  • Groep studenten in overleg

    Kick-off meeting SIG Blended and Online Education

    Online media are self-evident in education. But what initiatives are there at our university in the field of blended and online education? With this SIG we will try to get this to the surface together.

  • Training program for the immune system: regulation in vaccination and disease contexts.

    Trained immunity is a process that strengthens the innate immune system. While trained immunity normally protects the body against infections, when the ‘training’ is too strong or too weak this can have dire consequences.

  • Lacan, the Death Drive, and Philosophy.

    The dissertation focuses on Jacques Lacan's interpretation of the death drive, a psychoanalytic notion that aims to elucidate the baffling clinical phenomenon of compulsive repetition.

  • IMM colloquium by prof. Ed Narevicius (TU Dortmund, Germany)

    More info will follow soon.

  • Poppetjes die vragen en oplossingen hebben

    Workshop I don't know what I want (Dutch)

    In the workshop I don't know what I want you (in Dutch) will gain insight into your choice process and you may discover what you want to choose.

  • Causality and Time in Non-smooth Lorentzian Geometry