Passende zorg
Passende zorg

Appropriate and affordable care

How do we prevent unnecessary care and variations in practice, as well as tame the rising costs? 

Healthcare is critically important to everyone. Our healthcare system is based on solidarity, as we want everyone who needs care to be able to access it. We also wish to keep care affordable, available and accessible for all. And it is important that this care is appropriate. 


    This studio will be held in Dutch. Visit the Dutch-language webpage for more information. 


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    For more information about this studio, please contact one of the programme directors:

    Heleen Loof
    heleen.loof [at] (heleen[dot]loof[at]ru[dot]nl)

    Esther Fluijt
    esther.fluijt [at] (esther[dot]fluijt[at]ru[dot]nl)