Assessment of surgical performance in esophageal surgery using surgical videos

Tuesday 28 May 2024, 2:30 pm
PhD candidate
M.H.M. Ketel
prof. dr. C. Rosman
dr. B.R. Klarenbeek, dr. F.T.W.E. van Workum (CWZ)

An essential part of the treatment of patient with oesophageal cancer is oesophageal surgery. However, more than half of patients experience complications after the operation. Additionally, there are differences in outcomes for patients among hospitals in the Netherlands. This thesis shows that the way oesophageal surgery is performed can now be more objectively and structured assessed using the MIE-CAT tool. This tool can be used for surgeon training, ensuring quality, and research purposes. The nationwide follow-up study, involving all 15 hospitals performing this surgery in the Netherlands, revealed significant differences in surgical performance. Furthermore, the better the surgical performance was assessed using surgical videos, the better the outcomes were for oesophageal cancer patients after the operation. While this might seem obvious, the manner in which the surgery is performed appears to be crucial. Evaluating this performance is likely to result in improvements and better outcomes for patients after oesophageal surgery.

Mirte Ketel (1994) obtained her Master’s degree in Technical Medicine (Imaging & Interventions) from the University of Twente in 2019. She then started her PhD in 2020 at the department of Surgery in the Radboudumc. Currently, she works as a Technical Physician at the Innovation Department in the Deventer Hospital, where helps implementing innovations into clinical practice.