Better reporting of problems during surgery, with a focus on abdominal surgery.

Thursday 23 May 2024, 10:30 am
PhD candidate
L. Gawria
prof. dr. H. van Goor
dr. S. Dell-Kuster, dr. R.P.G. ten Broek

This research focuses on improving the way problems that occur during surgery (intraoperative adverse events or iAEs) are reported, specifically aiming to enhance patient safety and surgical outcomes. Problems during surgery can lead to more complications after surgery, longer hospital stays, and even increase the risk of death. Therefore, accurately reporting these events is crucial for maintaining high-quality surgical care. Currently, the reporting of iAEs is inconsistent and mixed with post-surgery problems, making it hard to track and improve surgical practices effectively. The research introduces a new, simple-to-use system called ClassIntra® for categorizing and reporting iAEs, tested across multiple hospitals and surgical disciplines. This system helps identifying the severity of iAEs and their impact on patient outcomes. The findings show that certain types of iAEs are strongly linked to more severe problems after surgery. By making the reporting of these events standard and detailed, surgeons and medical teams can better understand, discuss, and prevent them in the future, leading to safer surgeries and better patient care. This work emphasizes the importance of recognizing, reporting, and learning from iAEs, not just for surgeons but for the whole operating room and post-operative care staff, highlighting the role of accurate reporting in improving surgical education and patient outcomes.

Larsa Gawria (1993) completed her medical studies at Radboud University in 2018. Subsequently, she continued her scientific research, which she initiated during her master's phase, in the form of a PhD in collaboration with the University Hospital of Basel, Switzerland. Currently, she is working in clinical practice as a resident in surgery in the Amsterdam region.