big ideas for a complex world
big ideas for a complex world

Big ideas for a complex world

Wednesday 30 October 2024, 9:30 am - Thursday 31 October 2024, 6 pm
International Farewell Symposium Professor Misha Katsnelson

The workshop “Big ideas for a complex world” is a special international event that is devoted to the legacy of Radboud Professor: Mikhail Katsnelson. The workshop brings together leading scientists both from theory and experiment that are specialized in diverse topics of physics and biology to which Prof. Katsnelson contributed. These topics include: magnetism and superconductivity, physics of materials and graphene, ultrafast optics and spintronics, transport and correlations as well as computer science and evolution biology. This two-day workshop is designed to boost the exchange of ideas between different disciplines and the fields of science. 


The scientific programme will start Wednesday morning October 30 and will include invited talks. In the evening there will be a conference dinner. Thursday afternoon includes Misha Katsnelson’s Farewell Speech.

30 October 2024 - Venue: Lindenberg Cultuurhuis, Ridderstraat 23 Nijmegen  
09.30 Welcome
10.00 Lectures - invited talks
12.30 Lunch
14.00 Lectures - invited talks
19.00 Dinner 

31 October 2024 - Venue: Huygens Building, Radboud University, Heijendaalseweg 135 Nijmegen 
10.00 Lectures - invited talks
12.30 Lunch & posters sessions
16.00 Farewell speech (Aula Radboud University)
17.00 Reception (Aula Radboud University)

Invited speakers

Silke Biermann - Institut Polytechnique de Paris, France
Irina Grigorieva - University of Manchester, UK
Kristel Michielsen – Jülich, Germany
Olga Smirnova - Max Born Institute Berlin, Germany
Roser Valenti – ITP Frankfurt, Germany
Maria Vozmediano – CSIC, Spain
Antoine Georges -  Flatiron Institute, New York, USA
Alex Khajetoorians - Radboud University, the Netherlands
Eugene Koonin - NIH,NLM, NCBI Bethesda, USA
Allessandro Principi - University of Manchester, UK
Slava Rychkov – IHES, France
Koenraad Schalm – Leiden university, the Netherlands
Dieter Vollhardt – Augsburg university, Germany

Organising committee

Misha Titov, Malte Rösner, Andrey Bagrov, Belinda Eijgenraam - Radboud University 

Registration fees and information

All participants need to register
If you are not an invited guest, we kindly ask for a conference dinner contribution of €50,-. 
Be aware that limited dinner places are available. Full = full. Deadline of registration is 30 September!

Registration for the valedictory speech, Thursday 31 October at 16:00 in the Aula, needs to be done separately:
Deadline of registration for the valedictory speech is 18 October!

Programme Symposium "Big ideas for a complex world”

prof. Misha Katsnelson
Wednesday 30 October 2024, 9:30 am - Thursday 31 October 2024, 6 pm