Course Beyond content: how to really make a difference as a teacher (BCS1 23-24)

10 October 2023

Our university’s strategy is to “make a significant impact”. But how? This course will give you directions on how to make your teaching more impactful by considering the principles of sustainable development. 

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    10 October 2023, 11 am - 2 pm
    07 November 2023, 10:30 am - 12:30 pm
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    While many colleagues think of the environment and reusable cups in the cafeteria when they hear about sustainable development, they hardly ever realise that sustainability is a much more holistic concept which relates to their very own teaching tasks and everybody’s professional responsibilities. 

    During the course 

    During the course you will discuss why education and science should be key drivers of sustainability. Besides that, ways to not only equip students with the required knowledge but also with the necessary skills for the future will be highlighted. This training helps you to make your teaching future-proof! 

    Target group 

    Do you care for your students and for the future? Then this course is for you. Everybody can participate in this course. No specific prior knowledge is required. Is sustainability an important theme in your private life but not (yet) in your (teaching) work? Then join this course, even if you think your topics have nothing to do with sustainability. The course offers you a different perspective on the relevance of sustainability for every course and teacher.  

    Working method during this course

    The course consists of two interactive meetings, the first one will last three hours, the second one two hours. You are expected to participate in the first session. Participation at the second session is very valuable but if you can really not make it you do not have to attend. 

    The course will provide food for thought as well as room for discussion. As a participant, you should get inspired and develop ideas how you can integrate the topic of sustainable development in your own teaching, even when not having a lot of time to make big adjustments.  

    Upon successful completion you will receive a certificate. The course is in English, unless all participants speak Dutch.  


    Participation is free of charge. Lunch is not included. 

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