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  • Introduction course to the Netherlands

    Introduction course to the Netherlands

    Introduction course to the Netherlands

  • FSR Week van de Medezeggenschap

    Student Participation Week Faculty of Science

    From 19 to 23 February the Student Participation Week will be ongoing. Each break there will be an activity, like input sessions, a lunch lecture and an information market. There will also be free lunch at some activities!


    This study hopes to shed light on the impact of disasters from the Porong communities' points of view whose have to live under the crises of the Lapindo Mudflow Disaster.

  • Windmills on hills

    Workshop Sustainable Careers

    Do you want to give your career a sustainable boost? Do you wish to align your work with your ideals? Do you want to focus your career on creating positive change? Then join this workshop!

  • The Death of Navalny and its Political Repercussions | Current Affairs Lecture by philosopher Evert van der Zweerde

    The Death of Navalny and its Political Implications

    What does Alexei Navalny's death mean for Russia's political direction and geopolitical stiuation? Why did people around the world take to the streets after hearing the news of Navalny's death?

  • Identifying genetic causes of unexplained neurodevelopmental disorders and congenital anomalies: Lessons from systematic re-analysis, genotype-phenotype studies and innovative technology

    Approximately 3.5-8% of the population is affected by the group of disorders called rare disease (RD).

  • The development of performance validity tests (PVTs) for use in neuropsychological assessment in Indonesia

    A performance validity test (PVT) is an objective psychological test used to determine the validity of an examinee’s neuropsychological test performance. Unfortunately, no single PVT has been validated in Indonesia.

  • Developing models for learning and exploration

    Learning and exploration are fundamental processes that enable individuals to acquire knowledge and skills necessary for adaptation to their environment.

  • Mathematics events banner

    Mathematics Colloquium: Susanna Terracini

    Join the Mathematics Colloquium with Susanna Terracini from University of Turin about Boundary Harnack principles and Schauder estimates for degenerate equations on singular sets.

  • Webinar: How to apply

    Are you excited to apply for a study programme but unsure about the process?

  • Pulsed-field techniques applied to UTe2: high-field magnetism and the “Lazarus*” superconducting state

    Please note that topic of this talk is different from the one he will be given during the general IMM colloquium on next Tuesday February 27th at 16:00!!! This one is addressed for more specialized audience interested in condensed matter.

  • Join the NeurotechEU Synapses Student Community

    Join the NeurotechEU Synapses Student Community and have fun, interesting and scientific activities locally or in one of our eight European Universities and debate about the future of universities and neurotechnology

  • The Nature of Freezing of Gait

    The Nature of Freezing of Gait

  • Clonal relationship and mutational landscape of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma recurrences

    In about one-third of patients with the aggressive subtype diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL), the disease returns after first line treatment and the prognosis for this group of patients remains poor.

  • Illustratie Michel Foucault

    Foucault Circle Meeting

    A special celebratory meeting of the Foucault Circle NL/BE.

  • Portret van Sarian Kosten

    Inaugural lecture prof. dr. Sarian Kosten

    Hoogleraar aan de Radboud Universiteit / Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica met de leeropdracht Aquatische Ecologie spreekt op vrijdag 23 februari 2024 om 15.45 uur precies haar inaugurele rede uit

  • Portrait of Gautam Satishchandran

    Quantum & Gravity Seminar Gautam Satishchandran

    Generalized Black Hole Entropy is von Neumann Entropy

  • Open Sterrenkijkavond

    Open Stargazing Evening

    During the Open Stargazing Evening, you are welcome to visit our telescopes!

  • Star clusters near and far. The puzzles of their chemical compositions


  • Unlocking the potential of refugees: An intervention to foster the mental health, economic participation and social networks of Syrian refugees in the Netherlands

    The number of people worldwide who were forced to flee their homes is unprecedently high. The European Union, including the Netherlands, is an important destination for refugees.