Dynamic imaging for the diagnosis and evaluation of knee disorders

Friday 22 September 2023, 10:30 am
PhD student
H. Dunning MSc.
prof. dr. ir. N.J.J. Verdonschot
dr. ing. S.A.W. van de Groes, dr. ir. D.W. Janssen

Many musculoskeletal disorders particularly cause complaints during physical activity and affect movement patterns. However, current medical imaging mostly occurs while the patient remains as still as possible. As a result, important information about the impact of the condition on movement and vice versa is not captured.

This thesis describes the development of methods to obtain CT images during the execution of a movement. These methods are applied to patients with patellofemoral instability, a knee disorder whose effects are particularly noticeable during movement. Furthermore, they are also applied to healthy subjects.

The results described in this thesis confirm that the knees of patients with patellofemoral instability move differently compared to those of healthy subjects. The developed methods offer the opportunity to quantify these differences, which aids in the diagnosis and evaluation of such knee disorders. Consequently, a more patient-specific treatment plan can be established.

Hans Dunning obtained his master's degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Groningen in 2017. He then worked as a research scientist at the Department of Orthopedics of Radboudumc. In 2018, he started his doctoral research at the same department. Currently, Hans works as an R&D Scientist in Imaging & Dosimetry at Quirem Medical.