Efficacy and availability of HIV medication for children

Friday 28 October 2022, 12:30
PhD defence
Speaker or Ph. D. student
H. Waalewijn MSc.
prof. dr. D.M. Burger
dr. E.P.H. Colbers
Faculty of Medical Sciences

HIV is a treatable disease due to the availability of safe and effective medicines. For children, these medicines are less easy to obtain because research on the use of these drugs in children is lagging behind. The research described in this thesis contributes to the availability of HIV-medicines for children. Research into the pharmacokinetics of dolutegravir in children from 3 to 20kg and in older children who combined dolutegravir with rifampicin has shown that this drug can be used safely and effectively in these children. In addition, the safety and effectiveness of the drug TAF in combination with other HIV drugs has been demonstrated in children weighing more than 14kg. The possibility of combining TAF with emtricitabine and dolutegravir for use in children is predicted through simulations. Partly through the studies described in this thesis, dolutegravir is now the preferred medicine for children older than 4 weeks.

During the study pharmacy at the University of Groningen, Hylke Waalewijn (1991) took internships in Kenya and Curaçao. In Kenya, the seed was planned for the subject of his PhD research: Pharmacokinetics & antiretroviral drug development. In addition to his research, he worked for the World Health Organization and participated in the writing of the European guidelines for the treatment of HIV in children.

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