verkiezing USA
verkiezing USA

Elections 2024: Democracy in Peril?

In November 2024, the USA goes out to vote again in what most probably will be a rematch between the two contenders of 2020: sitting president Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump. The outcome of that election will not only determine the future of that country, but also for the rest of the world. Will ‘the greatest democracy in the world’ remain a democracy, or will there be a shift to more authoritarian leadership? 


    But, next to the presidency there is much more on the ballot: Congress, state legislations, governorships, mayor positions, referenda and a seemingly unlimited list of electable officials. This studio will explore the political system and culture of the USA and its political history, present and future using insights from political science, law, sociology, history, psychology and communication science. We will watch the presidential and congressional races closely and will have plenty of opportunity to discuss current issues.

    In this studio students will gain insight in the political situation of the USA and will, drawing from their own study background, apply their knowledge in a final report on a particularly exciting race. That race can be a close gubernatorial election, a battleground state, a shifting congressional district, a Senate race, or any race that sheds a light on the current state of politics in the USA. Following American politics will never be the same!

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