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  • Workshop Keeping up the Spirit

    Do you find it hard to keep up the spirit, and does this impact your studies? Perhaps this workshop can help.

  • Student for a Day

    Are you interested in an English-taught Bachelor’s programme? Try it out for a day on campus! The Bachelor's Student for a Day visit at Radboud University is the best way to get familiar with the (academic) life of a student.

  • RA cursus 1200 jaar Nijmegen banner

    Five-part course Hundred Years of University in Nijmegen

    In October 2023, Radboud University will celebrate one hundred years. Founded as the (Roman Catholic) University of Nijmegen, it opened its doors in 1923 full of expectation - small, but anything but modest.

  • Group course Writing better

    During this training course, we examine the policy process and guide you step by step through the writing process for a clear policy or advisory text.

  • Groepstraining Presenteren the next level

    In two sessions, you will take the next step in presentation skills. This will make preparing and giving a presentation not only easier, but also more fun.

  • Banner AI cursus Radboud Academy

    Five-part course AI in Perspective

    In everyday life, we deal with artificial intelligence more than we usually realize.

  • Train in the landscape

    Five-part course Climate Change & Colonialism

    It has been called the biggest and most threatening crisis of our time: the climate crisis. Did you know that the choices made in the Dutch colonial past have a huge impact on our current climate policy?

  • A man attending an event in a lecture hall

    Masterclass de Wonderen van het Leven Lang Leren

    To fully develop your personal talents and to make maximum use of the constantly changing opportunities in the world around you, you will need to keep

  • Radboud photo competition

    Radboud University runs a PHOTO COMPETITION every semester for all international students who are about to leave. Prizes are awarded for the top three photos!

  • Scholarships Q&A sessions

    Are you excited to apply for a study programme but unsure if you’re eligible for a scholarship?

  • Serious Request 3FM - ALS

    Bake sale for Serious Request

    The Donders Institute is raising funds via 3fm Serious Request for Stichting ALS Nederland with a bake sale. The best bakers are rounded up and will treat you to their favorite sweet and savory snacks.

  • Intestinal damage and bloodstream infections in patients with blood cancer

    The number of persons that develop blood cancer is increasing worldwide. Many types of blood cancer are treated with chemotherapy, which frequently leads to intestinal damage and (bloodstream) infections.

  • GSH Lunch Meeting: Valorisation

    Valorisation has been an important aspect of academic projects for years. During this lunch meeting, Coen van Galen will discuss how you can valorize your projects in ways that might actually contribute to your scientific research.

  • Een foto van heel veel kleine, gekleurde kralen

    Making jewelry against stress

    Imagine this: the new year starts, you have a lot of new courses and are getting to know a lot of new people, but you don’t feel stressed. How? Because you let yourself have a few minutes of relaxation every once in a while, just to be creative.

  • Harmful plasma factors in patients with kidney disease primary FSGS.

    Patients with primary focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (pFSGS) suffer from a severe kidney disease in which the kidney filtration units are damaged leading to protein loss to the urine.

  • How to use accounting to monitor and control sustainability?

    In 1994, it was John Elkington who coined the term “triple bottom line”(TBL). This is generally seen as the first attempt to incorporate social and environmental impact in an accounting framework.

  • Foto van een telefoon waarop een agenda is geopend. Naast de telefoon liggen een horloge, herfstblad en pompoen.

    Managing expectations workshop

    Hopefully, studying is a very fun and great experience for you! But sometimes it can also be a tough learning experience. During this workshop we will reflect on your core values and hopefully give you some tools to deal with all the choices in life.

  • De letters CTHS in donderrood tegen een Radboudrode achtergrond

    Studies in Texts, Contexts, and Concepts (STCC) Seminar

    By Dr. Annet den Haan (Radboud University). Topic: to be announced.  Microsoft link available upon request. Email Dr. Seth Bledsoe (seth.bledsoe [at] for information & registration.

  • Een foto van een moeder en kind die samen een kinderboek lezen

    Storytelling: Use your happy experiences

    As a child, you were told what you did wrong so that you would never do it again. But you actually help yourself best by flipping that around: know what you do right and do it as often as possible. During this workshop, we will look for that pattern.

  • Foto van een toneel met daarop drie paarse spotlights

    Approachable stage acting

    Always wanted to feel the spotlight, but lack stage experience? Do you find acting both terrifying and intriguing? Grab your chance now! Toneelgroep Twister is organising an unforgettable evening of theatre.