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  • Een foto van een podium met een rode doek als achtergrond.

    Movie night

    Many students these days experience a lot of stress. You have to balance an awful lot of things with each other and really relaxing for a while is often forgotten because of this. That is why Stichting RAGweek is organising a movie night!

  • Going Romance XXXVII

    The 37th edition of the European conference series Going Romance will be hosted by the Centre for Language Studies of Radboud University. The conference focuses on romance linguistics from the perspective of current theories and methodologies.

  • General orientation for new members of staff

    During the orientation meeting for new employees, you can get to know Radboud University and what we stand for. Meet new colleagues, talk to the Executive Board and learn more about Radboud University during the quiz. 

  • Mevrouw kijkend naar laptop

    Get to know your retirement!

    Our society is constantly changing and your retirement changes with it. Changes in retirement age, ABP retirement accrual and choices about when to retire often make retirements a difficult subject.

  • Vascular health in patients with an enlarged abdominal aorta – how can we predict the development of cardiovascular diseases?

    Patients with an enlarged abdominal aorta (e.g. aneurysm) have an increased risk to develop cardiovascular diseases.

  • Logo van Smash it!

    Rageroom: Smash It! - Radboudumc

    Fancy going all out in a demolition room? Literally beat out the stress, tension or frustration? This is your chance! A shipping container will be converted into the ultimate rage room just for you on campus!

  • Foto van twee mensen die marshmellows roosteren boven een bbq

    (Un)comfortable winter BBQ

    Winter’s coming! Temperatures are dropping, days are getting shorter, and life as a student has become a bit more quiet. Seek out the comfort of AKKU during this (un)comfortable winter BBQ!

  • Een zingend roodborstje op een tak

    Meditative singing: Catching your breath

    During this short workshop, you will sing some well-known and lesser-known meditative chants together with student pastor Marieke Fernhout. Singing experience is not required, it is all about singing together and 'catching your breath'.

  • Novel ordered phases and quantum criticality of 4f-electron systems in high magnetic fields and ultra-low temperatures

    In this thesis, we have studied the properties of the two 4f-electron systems PrOs4Sb12 and Cd-doped CeIrIn5 in high magnetic fields and in ultra-low and low temperatures, respectively.

  • Master's virtual Open Day Radboud University

    Master's Virtual Open Day

    Are you an international student thinking of studying at Radboud University, but would like to know more about our programmes and facilities? Tune into our Virtual Open Day from the comfort of your own home on the 30 November!

  • RDM Logo

    Research Data Organisation

    How to keep track of your data during and after your research? This question is central to this training. The RDM Support Team introduces you to the good practices by which you can organize your research data.

  • Afscheidscollege prof. dr. V. Manuth


  • Een persoon typt op een laptop

    Workshop Cover letter (Dutch)

    In the workshop Cover letter (in Dutch) you will learn all the ins and outs of writing a cover letter that will make you stand out from other applicants.

  • Een foto van een padelbatje dat leunt tegen een net.

    Padel tournament

    As sport is essential for a healthy lifestyle and creates a positive feeling, this is an excellent opportunity to work on your (mental) wellbeing in an active way.

  • Een close up portretfoto van zwemmer Maarten van der Weijden.

    Lecture with Maarten van der Weijden

    Setting goals is fun. But setting goals in uncertain times, that can feel quite tedious. Maarten van der Weijden alks about how, as a risk-averse person, he found a way to deal with the added uncertainty and fear of not achieving his goal.

  • Een herfstfoto van de campus met in de achtergrond een stukje van het Maria Montessorigebouw

    Natural Wellbeing Walk

    Finding comfort in discomfort. How do you do that? Nature holds up a natural mirror to us. She faces this constantly and has tremendous resilience. By holding nature as a mirror before us, we learn that resilience for ourselves.

  • Training Thesis and internship supervision (TIS6 23-24)

    During this training you will learn more about the didactical background of thesis and internship supervision. We will also take a look at what students need, what their programme requires, and what supervision style you prefer.

  • Symposium From Anthropocene to Symbiocene

    From Anthropocene to Symbiocene

    The symposium centres around human-nature relationships, with presentations and discussions about two decades of human and nature research. It is followed by the opening of the Laudato si’ Institute and the farewell address by Prof. Frans Wijsen.

  • Studenten achter een laptop in de Refter op de Radboud Universiteit.

    Master's Virtual Information Platform

    In our Virtual Information Platform you can watch informational videos about our Master's programmes! Watch the videos when and where you want.

  • Bachelor's Experience Day Psychology

    During a Bachelor’s Experience Day, you visit our campus for a day and follow a special programme with other prospective students. This day will give you a good impression of the university and the Bachelor’s programme.