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  • The NeurotechEU Internship Program

    NeurotechEU Internship Program at the University of Bonn

    Discover a state-of-the-art research lab at the University of Bonn through the NeurotechEU Internship Program.

  • Stakeholder involvement in surgical innovation: Everybody’s devices

    Surgical innovations are often designed and researched at a distance from the patient. This thesis demonstrates that developers do not consider patients and their caregivers as crucial stakeholders.

  • Natuurkunde studenten maken samen opdrachten

    PPO Inspirational session

    To prepare students well for the future, developing a personal and professional identity is crucial. On February 29, we look at inspiring assignments that teach students to reflect on their own development.

  • Working at Radboud University. How to achieve that?

    Working in the Netherlands during your studies

    Are you an international student thinking about working alongside your studies? Not sure about the legalities of working in the Netherlands?

  • Rare versus common cancers in the Netherlands

    Rare cancers make up a large proportion of the cancer burden: one out of five new patients with cancer has a diagnosis of a rare cancer.

  • Student aan het werk op de laptop in Maria Montessori

    Workshop 'How to optimise your network via LinkedIn' (English)

    In the workshop 'How to optimise your network via LinkedIn' (in English) you will optimize your LinkedIn profile and learn how you can use your (LinkedIn) network to find an internship or a job.

  • Partnership event Alliander & Radboud Universiteit

    Alliander and Radboud University will celebrate two years of intensive collaboration. We would like to invite you to commemorate this milestone during a festive meeting for employees and students of both organisations.

  • Bijeenkomst resultaten eerste jaar samenwerking met Alliander

    Partnership event Alliander & Radboud Universiteit

    Alliander en de Radboud Universiteit vieren op 29 februari 2024 twee jaar intensieve samenwerking met een open event voor alle medewerkers en studenten van beide organisaties.

  • Training Assessment with closed-ended questions (ACEQ1)

    During this training you will learn more about the didactic principles of assessment with closed-ended questions, and you will work on improving your own assessment questions.

  • Public space in endless motion: The politics of markets in the Netherlands


  • Groep pratende mensen tijdens een borrel

    TLC Education Café - The Write Space

    The Education Café is the place to catch up with colleagues once a month on Thursday afternoons to discuss relevant, fun, thought-provoking and inspiring education topics. In February we will talk about The Write Space.

  • Training Thesis and internship supervision (TIS9 23-24)

    During this training you will learn more about the didactical background of thesis and internship supervision. We will also take a look at what students need, what their programme requires, and what supervision style you prefer.

  • A spiritual path to a bright future

    On this day of reflection, we will follow the spiritual path of St Ignatius.

  • Picture of Eline Jammaers

    Trajectories of inclusion

    In this event, we will discuss the underexamined possibility of organisations becoming less inclusive over time and explore the role of relationality patterns in shaping such trajectories.

  • Opportunistic Salpingectomy: Improving Ovarian Cancer Prevention in the General Population

    Ovarian cancer has an unfavorable prognosis, mainly because this type of cancer is typically detected in an advanced stage.

  • Mountains

    Loren Stuckenbruck (Munich): Radboud Prestige Lectures in New Testament

    Come and attend the Radboud Prestige Lectures on 1 Enoch and the New Testament!

  • PhD defense Rayyan Toutounji

    Rayyan is a PhD candidate from Lebanon in the Cognitive Affective Neuroscience Lab which is in the CNS department.

  • Beyond the ivory tower of science: A BSI workshop on communicating your research through podcasting

    How do you create impact with your research through podcasting? In this BSI workshop, podcast creator Zegert van der Linde will learn you the basics of podcasting and how to develop your own podcast episode

  • Portret van Djoerd Hiemstra

    Inaugural lecture prof. dr. ir. Hiemstra

    Hoogleraar aan de Radboud Universiteit / Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica met de leeropdracht Federated Search spreekt op vrijdag 1 maart 2024 om 15.45 uur precies zijn inaugurele rede uit

  • A man holding a lecture

    Workshop 'Job wanted' (Dutch)

    In the workshop 'Job wanted' (in Dutch) you will learn how to increase the chance of finding the job you are looking for.