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  • Bachelor's Experience Day Comparative European History

    During a Bachelor’s Experience Day, you visit our campus for a day and follow a special programme with other prospective students. This day will give you a good impression of the university and the Bachelor’s programme.

  • seminar 'Challenging Ribozymes with Hot Gas Bubbles and Shock Freezing: In Search of a Suitable Habitat for Primitive Life'

    You are cordially invited for an extra colloquium Lecture by Prof. Hannes Mutschler from Dortmund University (Germay)

  • The fungus-host interplay in the susceptibility to recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis

    The human body harbours a variety of commensal microorganisms, referred as the microbiota, that contribute to physiological processes.

  • Construction of a minimal synthetic cell

    The construction of a synthetic cell became a tangible goal in the past few decades, and we are closer than ever to creating the first synthetic protocell.

  • broodje gezond

    TLC Innovation Lunch December

    The Critical Utopian Action Research (CUAR) method can be useful to bring about inclusive and democratic educational change. Rozi Tóth will introduce the CUAR method during this month's innovation lunch.

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    Workshop Job wanted (English)

    In the workshop Job wanted (in English) you will learn how to increase the chance of finding the job you are looking for.

  • Determinants of the piRNA regulatory potential in Aedes mosquitoes


  • Faculty lecture: The burden of testimony in the era of the witness

    Does being a witness require bearing witness? What are the burdens and possible limits of that responsibility? And what does this do to the direction of our research?

  • Theme 1 colloquium: 'Examining Reactions and Interactions of Transition Metal Ions with Small Molecules'

    Abstract tba

  • Radboud Ancient and Medieval Lecture Series (RAM): Rutger Kramer

    For this lecture in the Radboud Ancient and Medieval (RAM) lecture series, Rutger Kramer (Utrecht University) will talk about Saint Nicholas in the medieval North.

  • Laser cooling

    This thesis reports on spectroscopic studies of atoms and molecules for laser cooling in the deep ultraviolet (UV).

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    Workshop – Social Ontology Meets Cultural Evolution

    A workshop to bring cultural evolution into a dialogue with social ontology.

  • Synergy of Machine Learning and Automated Reasoning

    Automated reasoning and machine learning have contrasting natures: the former relies on precise computation and produces exact, logically correct answers; the latter learns from borderless sets of training examples to deliver only

  • Activation of hydrocarbons by gas-phase metal ions


  • Glucocorticoid regulation of gene expression in innate immune cells


  • Het lustrumlogo van de Radboud Universiteit dat wordt gebruikt bij het 100-jarig bestaan in 2023

    What's wrong with me?

    Why are sexism, homophobia, and racism still so prevalent in physics? Join the lecture 'What's wrong with me?' by Pauline Gagnon (Indiana University), organised by the Gender and Diversity committee.

  • The Einsteins

    'The tragic destiny of Mileva Marić Einstein'

    Enjoy a guest lecture given by Dr Pauline Gagnon, and a lunch with Halkes Women+ Faculty Network and The Radboud Women Professors Network members to celebrate our achievements of 2023.

  • ESDG Seminar: Sex work and the making of (post) modern Amsterdam, 1875-1985

    Monthly seminars of the section Economic, Social and Demographic History of the Department of History (ESDG).

  • CLS Lab Lunch

    The goal of the Lab Lunches is to exchange information on studies running in the CLS lab and to provide helpful feedback for new studies. CLS Lab Lunches are scheduled to take place every first Wednesday and third Thursday of the month.

  • Turning tumors into biofactories: using viruses to fight cancer

    This thesis explores innovative approaches to cancer treatment using the body's immune system, focusing on IgA therapy. IgA-type antibodies, as those used to combat microbes, activate immune responses against cancer.