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  • Een foto van de zonnepanelen op het dak van het Maria Montessorigebouw. In de achtergrond zie je het Erasmusgebouw.

    Meeting SIG Sustainability (12-12)

    This Special Interest Group (SIG) focuses on questions revolving around the relationship between teaching, sustainability (defined as care for all forms of life), and sustainable development. 

  • Towards Malaria-Free Rice Cultivation in Rwanda: Exploring the Role of Local Contributions


  • Kerst in de Refter

    Festive Christmas dinner in the Refter - Tuesday

    Fancy the Christmas season, but don't feel like slaving away in the kitchen just yet? Then come kick off the festive season with the Christmas dinner in the Refter on Tuesday 12 December!

  • Kerst stukje

    Workshop Christmas decorations

    During Tuinwereld Wijchen's Christmas decoration workshop, you will learn how to create beautiful Christmas decoration using natural materials such as pine cones, various types of moss, white roses, a hyacinth and amaryllis.

  • Cultural competency in dietetic care

    Mirjam Jager (1982) obtained her Master's degree in Nutrition and Health from Wageningen University & Research in 2006. She then worked as a researcher at the RIVM.

  • Hot Spot Sustainable Democracy: Climate change and democracy: (in)compatibilities

    To be announced.

  • The microbial methane cycle in Dutch canals

    Humans are highly skilled at manipulating natural landscapes to their own ends. Examples include deforestation to create more agricultural land, building dykes against flooding rivers, and the construction of cities.

  • The problems of Tourism development related to Land and Property rights in the context of Vietnam

    The research aims to provide a better understanding of the land-related problems of tourism development in Vietnam, especially during the land acquisition process under the current Vietnamese planning system and public land policies.

  • De letters CTHS in donderrood tegen een Radboudrode achtergrond

    Studies in Texts, Contexts, and Concepts (STCC) Seminar

    By Prof. Christopher B. Hays (Fuller Seminary, USA). Topic: to be announced.  Location: Erasmus building 14.39. Microsoft link available upon request.


    Alzheimer’s Disease(AD) is diagnosed by doctors using imaging, blood tests and lumbar punctures (spinal sampling) amongst others.

  • Kerst in de Refter

    Festive Christmas dinner in the Refter - Wednesday

    Fancy the Christmas season, but don't feel like slaving away in the kitchen just yet? Then come kick off the festive season with the Christmas dinner in the Refter on Wednesday 13 December!

  • Flyer pianoconcert

    Concert Nijmeegs Studentenorkest CMC

    Grieg's Piano Concerto is rightfully one of the most successful compositions ever. Nearly everyone recognizes the iconic opening with an impressive roll of the timpani followed by sweeping piano chords.

  • collage of two ancient mosaics from ancient syria and egypt

    Material Culture in Late Antique Egypt and Syria. Contacts, influences, and disparities

    The second of three international conferences on religion in the practice of everyday life in Egypt and Syria, 200-700 CE, organised in cooperation with the Jozef M.A. Janssen Foundation.

  • Gezellige kerstmarkt

    PV Kerstmarkt

    On 14 December, we will transform the surroundings of Villa Oud Heyendael into a cosy Christmas atmosphere so you can get into the Christmas spirit.

  • Clinical guidance for polycystic liver disease

    Polycystic liver disease is characterized by fluid-filled cysts in the liver. Pressure from these cysts on surrounding structures causes symptoms.

  • G&C Colloquium: Thursday 14 December

    Every second Thursday of the month, research group Grammar & Cognition invites a speaker to give a presentation about their research.

  • Interactive event ‘Are You Sure’

    ‘Are You Sure’ is an interactive event performed by Stichting Inspringtheater and organised by Graduate School for the Humanities, which revolves around scientific integrity and shedding light on manipulating data to fit research objectives.

  • Creative ‘tricks’ to overcome walking difficulties in persons with Parkinson’s disease: towards individually tailored rehabilitation.

    Parkinson's disease is a brain disorder that is becoming increasingly common. Many people with parkinson's experience difficulty walking. They often invent creative tricks to still get ahead.

  • Q&A | Meet our scholarships coordinator

    Are you excited to apply for a study programme but unsure if you’re eligible for a scholarship?

  • Man praat met vrouw in een werksetting

    Webinar Employment conditions

    In the webinar Employment Conditions (in English) you will learn what employment conditions are and how to negotiate them.